Ateria Rules

Last modified: 19th September 2017

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Punishments are determined by the Handling Staff Member, they are permitted to use the appropriate methods to contain the situation, they can use ;;warn / ;;jail / ;;mute / ;;ban / ;;ipban at their discretion.

If the rules state you will get muted but instead you get banned, this does not mean you will be unbanned when appealing due to 'unfair' punishment. Once again, staff are permitted to use the method they feel is best to suit the situation.

If you feel as though you are wrongfully punished, please appeal the punishment.
Do not become verbally abusive towards the Staff Member handling the situation, they are only doing their job and it will not help the situation.

If you are a Donator and get Banned, Permanently Banned or IP Banned any items donated for will not be refunded. Attempting to dispute your donation back will result in a permanent MAC + IP ban from the server, as well as all accounts registered to your MAC Address being permanently deleted.

Punishments can be Stacked on top of each other.
Example: If you are Jailed, you can also be Muted.

These rules are subject to change without notice, you are held responsible to keep up to date with the servers rules.

1. Flaming, Disrespect and Disruptive Behaviour :: Jail - IPBan

Ateria is composed of various amounts of backgrounds to their religion, race, morals etc., we will not tolerate the disrespect, flame, and disrespect of ANY religion, race, morals and so forth. Disruptive behaviour is anything that can provoke other users to force a reaction from them, including but not limited to: Trolling and annoyance. Excessive flame is dealt with accordingly (also realize that from person to person that he/she will take the insult differently than someone else would). The punishment for such acts can vary from a warning to a ban on the forums/server.

  • a. Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will also be considered harassment and disrespect.
  • b. The use of any form of flaming, disrespect, swearing etc., towards any person, religion, race, morals in-game is against our rules. We have a language filter system but some players may be willing to turn it off which doesn't allow players to break this rule either in public chat or in clan chats, yell etc.
  • c. The purpose of the Ateria "Help" friends chat is to help new or returning players with things they may need while they play. This means that the topic of discussion within the chat should be kept appropriate at all times. It is not expected that players stay strictly on the topic of Ateria, as they can deviate in general discussion, but any inappropriate discussion or language used in this chat will be punished more severely here. It is recommended that if players would like to discuss other things to do so in PM or in another friends chat, and at their own discretion.
  • d. Trolling will not be tolerated anywhere within the server and will only result in a punishment. We understand the need for people to have fun, but there is a limit on what's classed as trolling and what isn't. Attempting to gain a reaction from other people through provocation will result in a punishment without a warning.
  • 2. Advertisement :: IPBan

    The advertisement of another community (server, forums etc.) is strictly disallowed and is not tolerated whatsoever. The punishment is a permanent ban from the forums and server with NO chance of appeal, and ever returning to Ateria.

  • a. Common known links (e.g. MoparScape, Rune-Server, and YouTube) is fine and will be commonly permitted. Please note that the link on the website advertised must NOT lead to another community (to bypass the advertisement rule and in hopes that we don't catch it).
  • 3. Pornographic Material and Inappropriate Content :: Ban - IPBan

    Material that can somehow insult women, and males alike is not allowed on the forums. This includes material such as half-naked women, men (which show nudity) and media of such inappropriate acts (pornographic videos itself). This also includes text based material in our threads , posts, avatars, profile page etc., and should the rule be broken - he/she will face a permanent removal from the community altogether.

    Inappropriate Content that provides media of drug use, bad behavior and other various forms of content that is deemed inappropriate (which is the discretion of the moderator) will be removed at all times, and enforced. This is not a community for such things and we do not want to advertise this over the website for our younger audience regardless if they know about it. This isn't what this community is for so keep it off.

  • a. We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. Those who fail to comply with this rule will be requested to choose another username by a developer (the member will have 24 hours to respond). After he or she has not responded or refused the change, their IP will be banned and the account deleted.
  • 4. Spamming (Forums) :: Infraction - Ban

    Posts that do not contribute to the thread is considered spam and will be dealt with as the discretion of the staff member, however, this rule has been broken down into sub-rules:

  • a. Posts that are irrelevant (e.g. posting "support" on a suggestion thread, "hello" on an introduction thread etc.). Please try to make your posts relevant and if persistent "irrelevant" posts are produced by you, punishments will be inflicted. This rule does not apply to the OFF TOPIC section of our forums.
  • b. Multi-posting is the act of making multiple consecutive posts in one thread when the posts could have all been included with the first one. Multi-posting can be avoided by using the multiquote and edit features. It also does not apply when the posts are necessary, and purposely separated.
  • c. Grave digging is considered spam and is the act of posting on threads in which the last post is at least 14 days old. The ONLY reason a member should be posting on a dead thread is if he/she is adding something worthwhile to the thread itself. This rule does not apply to topics that are pinned as they are already at the top of the board.
  • d. Bumping is allowed once every 24 hours, as long as the member uses the bump feature on a thread. Members can only bump threads that they've created.
  • e. Trolling is not tolerated on the forums, it's a waste of time, unprofessional on our part (to keep it), and is simply not allowed.
  • f. Posting in the correct section and board is required at all times. If a member should not know where something goes, please contact a member of the community or someone apart of the staff team.
  • g. Thread Hijacking primarily applies to the market board of the forums. It is the act of posting on a sale thread (that is not yours) and selling items at a cheaper price or buying items at a higher price. This is strictly forbidden and can result in a warning.
  • 4. Spamming (In-game) :: Warning - Ban

    Spamming on the server will not be permitted, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Ateria. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Ateria and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from Ateria if needed.

  • a. Yell command should NOT be abused in ANY fashion. A member's rights to use the command can very well be revoked for a certain amount of time to permanent. If anything, take a few seconds to minutes before sending another message of Yell.
  • b. Auto-Typers are allowed but are not to be abused, the timer MUST be set to at least five (5) second delay between each message. Using auto-typers to perform actions such as ;;bank/;;empty, etc, will result in an account suspension.
  • 5. Shoutbox (Forums) :: Ban

    The shoutbox is a right, and something that we can take away from someone just as easily as it's granted. Be sure to act mature while using the shoutbox otherwise bans / infractions may be issued.

  • a. Flaming another member in the shoutbox is followed as it is in Rule 1, however, this can be in some cases more harsher than the Rule 1 due to this being the place most people will look at first for guidance, general conversations etc.
  • b. Staff impersonation is NOT tolerated here whatsoever, a permanent ban from the shoutbox can be set into place once found. This rule also applies with the general idea of attempting to be somewhat who you are not. Of course, the rule is more strongly enforced when the impersonation is in regards to Ateria.
  • c. Advertisement in the shoutbox follows Rule 2 completely and we have a zero-tolerance policy for such things. We do not take this likely so do not waste our time in doing-so.
  • d. Flooding the shoutbox is completely against the rules, you will/can be banned from it for at least 48 hours depending on the discretion of the staff member.
  • 6. Misleading Links, Hacking, DDOS Threats :: IPBan

    Misleading links are never allowed on the forums, or advertised on the server. If the common link that is allowed does not lead to where it the member states it leads to can result in a permanent removal from the community. If a member is linking someone to Google, we expect it to open-up to Google.

    Hacking on the server and forums is NEVER allowed nor tolerated on the community. You will be permanently removed from the community without further hesitation.

    Threatening a member with anything that may danger their reputation, life, security of personal information etc., will result in an immediate termination of all accounts and removal from the community. This includes situations like DDOS threats, it's completely unacceptable.

    7. Punishment Evading :: Ban - IPBan

    All punishments handed out to members is one of the sole reasons a community remains stable. We do not have time to waste with people that are evading their punishments to break more rules, their situation will ONLY lead them to a harsher punishment than the original one. Members are allowed to make another account to appeal the punishment but that's all.

    8. Macroing (Third Party Software) :: Ban - Permanent Ban

    Macroing is the use of any third party software which allows you to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Using any form of auto clicker, macroer or any other software which gives you an unfair advantage over others will result in a 24 hour account ban the first time, followed by a one week ban, followed by a permanent ban. Any ban relating to macroing is unappealable as we have an automated system called 'ICU' which monitors all form of cheating and automatically suspends players found to be botting; It is impossible for this system to detect you if you are not using any external software.

    Please refer to rule 4b to learn more about auto-typers.

    9. Real World Trading :: Trade Ban

    Purchasing, selling, trading goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Ateria items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken if it is attempted. We do not have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. This also including the server, we do want people coming at us as said before, if we do not catch X member and end up being scammed. We will not be held responsible of the scam or hacking. Any attempt at Real World Trading will result in an immediate & permanent Trade Ban.

    10. Encouraging Others to Break Rules :: Warning - Ban

    If a player asks another player to do something that is against the rules, whether that player knows it's against the rules or not, that's considered encouraging others to break the rules. It is every member's responsibility to know and understand the rules before playing.

  • a. Asking staff to teleport you out of a situation - Eg. From Wilderness Agility Course. - This ruins both the nature of the game, the community, and the pking side of the game. Asking a staff member to teleport you out of one of these situations will not be tolerated. Staff members can receive infractions if doing this either for themselves, or for other players so do not ask. This could lead from anywhere to a warning to a potential ban.
  • 11. Bug Abuse :: IPBan

    The abuse of a bug, glitch, or exploit is strictly prohibited in this community. Members who are caught in doing-so will be permanently removed from the community at the discretion of the administration team. We want to make sure that Ateria is a safe, trouble-free environment to enjoy, and have fun - abusing such things does not do that for us. We request that all members who find these are to report them in the bug report board.

  • a. Finding loopholes, in regards to the rules, in which the main objective is to benefit yourself, is strictly prohibited. If you do find a loophole, you must report it immediately to a staff member through a PM. If you are caught abusing a loophole, much like a bug, you will be banned/IP banned based on the severity.
  • b. Safespotting - although this sub-rule will usually not result in an IPBan, unless abused after several warnings and an initial ban, it is strictly not allowed if the monster drops something of significant value. This mainly refers to bosses, but does not exclude other monsters. An example of a non-boss monster, in which safespotting is not allowed, is ice strykewyrms. These are not bosses, but they drop staff of lights which are a valuable item.
  • c. Farming PK points is strictly prohibited, and it involves using a friend or ally to kill solely for the points. The most common method of PK point farming is allowing yourself to die without putting up a fight with a risk of 76k or above, resulting in the attacker gaining easy points. This rule applies to anyone who is involved. If caught, the punishment will be a disablement in PK points or a ban, based on the discretion and power of the staff member.
  • d. he process of obtaining items from other iron men through kill trading is disallowed. The purpose of the iron man game-mode is to prevent player trading. There are no excuses for breaking this rule, as Ateria offers the ability to change your game mode (if you dislike the iron man disadvantage of being unable to trade).
  • 12. Scamming :: Ban - IPBan

    Scamming members for real life money, Ateria GP (gold coins) and other forms of scam situations is not tolerated on Ateria. All members are at the risk of a medium punishment (e.g. temporary jail or ban) to a severe punishment (e.g. permanent removal from the community) at the discretion of the staff member and/or administration team. All members should respect each other, and not scam - it's immature and not worth the time, simply do not do it and we will not hand out the punishment.

  • a. We do not refund items for scam attempts that involve players giving items to other players in return for 'doubled' or any form of increased profit made by giving your items to other players. It is your responsibility to naturally not trust players claiming to increase your items or give any form of benefit by giving them your items. If players are scammed by any of these or similar methods items will not be refunded and punishments will still be placed on the accounts attempting to scam. (Read Section 12.)
  • b. Luring will NOT be tolerated. It's a malicious and cheap way to profit from other players' hard work. Attempting to lure will result in an instant 48 hour ban (for the first occurence) and a permanent IP/Mac Ban thereafter.
  • c. Attempting to use a Rank to gain someones trust will be seen as an attempt to try and scam someone. For example, if someone has a Dicer rank, they have purchased this Rank to gain the ability to use Dice Bags through donating Real Money. We have not 'verified' that they are legit, upon purchasing the Dicer Rank they get the rank and Dice bag automatically, there are no checks on whether they can uphold their payouts when hosting Dicing. You are responsible for your own items, so if you want to dice then proceed with caution when participating in these activities. Any money lost while dicing will not be refunded, even in the attempt of Scamming. Dicing is a Risked Chance based activity, as a result when you place a bet, you acknowledge there is a chance you will lose your money. However, if a Dicer does scam, their rank will be immediately revoked with no refund. In addition they will be permanently Trade Banned.
  • 13. Reputation System :: Rep. Reset - Infraction

    The reputation system is meant for contributing content that is posted around the community, this system should not be abused by either giving yourself reputation with making another account, requesting reputation directly and indirectly and so on. Those who break this rule is subject to a reputation reset, lock, and even an infraction. If caught multiple times it will result in a permanent ban.

    14. Account Sharing :: Ban

    Any form of account sharing is against our server rules. It is a players responsibility to keep there account secure and be the sole owner of the account. If players are found attempting to share accounts in any form, the account that was 'shared' will be banned and all items on that account that may have be exchanged from players sharing the account will not be refunded.

    15. Inappropriate use of the Friends Chat :: Warn - IPMute

    The friends chat is there for the sole reason to 'help' players in need of assistance, however, you're also free to talk about general off-topic things in there if you wish. There are some things that we do not prohibit in this chat though which could lead to you receiving anything from an infraction to an ipmute/permanent fc ban.

  • a. Inappropriate content - Talking about the use of and/or the subject of Drugs, Pornography or anything else which may may insult younger audiences.
  • b. Controversial topics - Talking about controversial areas such as Politics, Football/Soccer Teams, etc. This will rival up an argument in the friends chat and won't be tolerated.
  • c. Argue - Arguing in the friends chat will not be tolerated. If you want to 'have it out' with another player take it to private message.
  • d. Asking for trivia answers - The point of the minigame is to guess the answer and not everyone wants someone ruining it by telling everyone the answer. It's fine to private message people with answers or say it in the public chat if people ask but not in the friends chat.
  • e. Trading - Trading in the friends chat will not be tolerated. There are several means and methods to trade even if you're not a Donator (to access ;;yell); You can use the Grand Exchange, public chat and any other friends chat if you wish to trade.

  • Any player who is inappropriately using the Friends Chat will be instantly removed from the Chat. In addition an Infraction may follow depending on the severity. Staff members have the right to ban players from Friends Chat at their discretion if they feel it is the correct way to handle the situation. Your suspension from the Friends Chat will be permanent without an appeal, it is a public way to talk to the entire server, we do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour which will be seen by the entire server so behave yourselves at all times when using that feature.

    If you see someone inappropriately using the Friends Chat, we advise you to not participate in their discussion as it will also implicate you, such as if someone starts talking about Pornography and you made a sarcastic response related to that topic of discussion, you will also be removed.

    In addition, if you see someone inappropriately using the Friends Chat, we advise you to inform a Staff Member as soon as possible. If there is not a staff member online, please take a Screenshot of the incident and Private Message either Alex or Harry on the forums. They will then handle the situation once they have seen the Private Message.

    16. AFKing / Safe Spotting Bosses :: Ban

    Any form of 'AFKing' a boss is not permitted on Ateria. Anyone who is caught either safespotting / AFKing a boss will be instantly suspended for 48 hours. Any offence after the first will result in a permanent ban on the account. Any items gained from AFKing or Safespotting will be removed.

    What do we class as safespotting?

    Using in-game mechanics to fully avoid damage from a boss. An example of this would be standing behind a large rock that a boss cannot get around so you don't get damaged them; Another would be attacking a boss, then running behind a large rock, etc, as to reset the boss' attack timer and avoid the hit, then repeating the action multiple times to avoid damage from a boss.

    This does not apply to minions such as saradomin, once spawned in an instance. Using the minions to stop the boss attacking you within areas such as that is not classed as safespotting.

    17. Discussion of Punishments :: Mute - Ban

    Users are not permitted to Discuss their Punishments publicly, they are enforced for a reason and will not be undone, please wait for the punishment to end or submit an Appeal Here: Ticket System - Choose Appeal when selecting a Department.

    Users are not permitted to discuss their Punishment via Forums: Shoutbox, Private Messaging, Posts and Threads.
    Users are not permitted to discuss their Punishments via In-Game: Game Chat, Friends Chat, Clan Chat, Yell and Private Messaging.

    Failure to abide this rule will result in a Temporary Mute.

    18. Refunding :: Warn - Ban

    Staff can NOT and will NOT do this, ever. Asking will result in a warning, followed by a mute, then jail, then ban, so DO NOT ask. If you use a game mode token on the wrong difficulty then that's your own fault and not the fault of one of our staff members, so use them correctly.

  • a. Votes - If you do not receive your reward from voting, that's not down to us, that's because of an error on one of the vote sites' end. We cannot take responsibility for the voting sites' issues Staff do not, and will not have access to a command to refund a vote so don't ask.
  • b I. Donations - If you were banned and lost your donations' worth that is not our fault. You were the cause of the ban and so that's on you, we will not take responsibility for you being punished by refunding the donation to a different account.
  • b II. Donations - After purchasing a donation either via the webstore or using donator tokens, the items purchased cannot be exchanged for something else of the same value, please make sure you select the correct item upon purchasing, it is your responsibility to make sure you get what you want.
  • c. Game Mode Tokens - We will not change your game mode, so do not bother asking. It's YOUR responsibility to choose the correct game mode, and there are features in place so that you cannot choose the incorrect game mode.
  • d. (Resetting) Skills - We will not reset skills for players. This creates an unfair game environment and so will not be tolerated.
  • e. Death - items lost on death will not be refunded, you are held responsible to keeping your items safe, if you do not want to lose items then do not go to a risked area, such as Corporal Beast or the Wilderness. This also includes items donated for, if they are lost, they are permanently lost, you will need to donate again to reacquire them.
  • f. Restarts - any items / XP lost due to restarts will not be refunded. You should give yourself plenty of time to log out before the update hits 0 seconds. We usually provide a 2 minute to 5 minute timer which will give you plenty of time to finish what you're doing and log out. This also includes minigames, if you were in a minigame and lost the wave you was on, we will not reimburse you for the waves lost. Updates are an essential part of the server, without updates the server will never improve. We cannot be held liable for your loses as we have to implement updates throughout your stay here. However we do try and implement them when the server is quiet but this cannot always be the case, especially if a serious bug needs fixing immediately. The only exception for this is the XP well. If the XP well has been activated within the last 5 hours, an Administrator will reimburce the amount of time left in GP, for example, if there were 2 hours 30 minutes left on the XP well, after the update is complete the staff member would put 125m back into the well.
  • g. Items sold to a store - If you sell an item to a store because it says you will receive a certain amount of eg. 'Donator Tokens' to a store, and instead receive gold in return for the item, we cannot and will not refund it. It's obvious that these stores will not give you the points in return for what you sell as that would allow players to switch between items dependant on what they needed them for, which would be a very dumb feature to implement.
  • h. Any items lost in a stake, dicing or other form of risked environment, including the wilderness will not be refunded, we do not tolerate users risking their items and then complaining to staff they want their items back, it is not our fault you lost the items, you shouldn't have risked them. Do not hassle staff about lost risked items, it will be deemed as wasting staff time, continuous hassle may result in a temporary mute.
  • i. Any items lost due to a bug will not be refunded, we cannot and will not refund items when a user claims they lost it to a bug, you will have to try and reacquire the item(s) again. There is no way to be 100% certain in knowing if you have lost items due to a bug, for this reason there will never be any refunds issued.

  • Any attempts in trying to get a staff member to refund an item you have lost will result in a trade ban if you continuously hassle them.

    19. Commenting on a Staff Members' Judgement :: Mute - Ban

    We will not tolerate players arguing with our judgement on a situation. This is classed as abusing a staff member and will result in a mute-ban dependant on the severity of the situation. Staff are taking time out of their lives to help players with problems and being abusive towards them in any situation will be worthy of punishment. We all want the same thing, to get the best for our players, however, that's not always possible.

    20. Proxies/VPNs :: Ban - MACBan

    We do not tolerate players using VPNs/Proxies to access the game and if found doing so will result in an instant Ban/IP/MAC ban dependant on the severity. Using VPNs/Proxies prevents us from correctly issueing an IPBan and therefore, not allowing our staff team to issue the correct punishment if ever needed.

  • a. VPN/Proxy Voting - This is not allowed by any vote site and so doing this is at your own risk. If a vote site asks us to punish a user, we will do so to abide by their rules.
  • b. Bypassing IP Bans - This comes under rule 7 (Punishment Evading) and will lead you to receive a MAC Ban.
  • 21. Do not ask for Staff :: Warn - Ban

    We do not tolerate users asking us for staff, whether you are joking around, we will take it seriously so DO NOT do it.
    Our staff team have earned their ranks by dedication, hard work, activeness, helpfulness and most importantly Knowledge.
    We do not just give it out to people that ask for it, you need to earn it, like everyone else!
    If we feel as though you deserve a staff position, you will be offered it, so do not ask.
    In addition, if you are a donator, that does not increase your chances of becoming staff.

    Applications: There is only ONE exception when it comes to asking for staff and that is by using our Application System.
    Any other form of asking for staff, indirectly or directly will not be tolerated.
    If you have applied for staff and then proceed to ask questions relating to it, such as the following; "Have you checked out my Application?" "When will I know if I have been Accepted or Refused?" "Do you have any feedback on my Application?", etc etc.. We do not tolerate this at all. This is considered in-directly asking for staff by trying to speed up the process. This will result in an immediate refusal.

    Nominating/Voting: We do not appreicate users trying to nominate players for a staff position, if they would like to apply for staff, they can go ahead and apply.
    We try and keep a fair and friendly environment, if there are several people applying for staff at one time and people start voting on their Favourite player for staff this will not be fair on the other candidates, please do not get invovled.

    22. Multi-logging

    Multi-logging is allowed under very specific circumstances; circumstances that would violate this rule are shown below.

  • a. Malicious Activity - Multi-logging with the attempt at performing any malicious act or wrong-doing. (Permanent Ban)
  • b. Skilling - Performing the same action, eg Woodcutting on more than 2 accounts at once. (Permanent Ban)
  • c. Bossing - Killing the same boss with more than 1 account. (Permanent Ban)
  • d. Wilderness - Being logged into more than one account at a time, while both being in the Wilderness. (Permanent Ban)